Dr. Seuss: A Cat of Many Hats

Before and after titles like The Cat in the Hat hit the shelves, Dr. Seuss himself tried on many different hats. Believing that “you can steer yourself any direction you choose,” he explored—and excelled at—a number of possible creative paths. From an early editing gig to an honorary doctorate, these different “hats” helped shape a colorful career topped off by an equally vibrant legacy.

Creator of children’s books yes, but Theodore Geisel also dipped his pen in other careers involving illustration: humor editor, commercial illustration, political cartoonist, and filmmaker. Kelly Richman-Abdou, for My Modern Met, briefly examines the many endeavors of Dr. Seuss, poet to children.

Though Kelly does overlook Dr. Seuss’ 12 weeks in 1935 as a syndicated comic strip creator.