New Comic Coming – #Sales by Bill Bettwy

Bill Bettwy, creator of Take It From The Tinkersons, has created a new comic strip that will be web-only (I think) at the Comics Kingdom site. The new comic will be concerned with “horrible tales from the miserable world of sales.” #Sales will join just a couple other online comics on the Comics Kingdom site starting May 18, 2020. #Sales already has a holding spot at Comics Kingdom.

Bill has quite a cast of characters set.

With a title like #Sales naturally there is a Twitter account, where more of the cast is revealed.

More information at the King Features Syndicate #Sales page.

One thought on “New Comic Coming – #Sales by Bill Bettwy

  1. There seems to be an opening since Norm Feuti’s “Retail” wrapped up earlier this year.

    I note the holding spot now goes to a 404 error, though.

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