Five Amazing Years with Joe Wos

Joe Wos, he of Mazetoons, was profiled in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Sunday
as Joe celebrates five years of his syndicated panel.

“You want to do two things in life and in your career,” he said, perhaps unconsciously echoing his father’s advice from decades ago: “Feed your passion and feed your stomach. It’s hard to find something that puts food on your table and joy in your heart. You gotta’ find that mix if you want to be a success.”

From Joe’s Facebook page:

Five years ago on May 4th my lifelong dream to be a syndicated cartoonists came true. Anyone who has ever tried to get syndicated or has been syndicated will tell you what a remarkable achievement it is just to get that break. I am very grateful to each and every newspaper that carries MazeToons. I am grateful to each and every fan I have.

My drawing style has continued to evolve over the years, and as always I hate any work I created in the past but I wanted to share my first syndicated maze. I was still drawing the feature on paper back then and the original is hanging in my studio above my desk.

I intentionally chose May 4th, Star Wars day as my launch date. I drew a rocket to “launch” the feature.


Like so many others, Joe has had to get creative during the pandemic;
but getting creative is part of a cartoonist’s second nature.