Easter Sunday Funnies (with Olde Tyme Comics)


Easter Games People Play
Breaking Cat News and Thatababy both have activities for kids of all ages.
33 Eggs!!



The first thing I thought when Dagwood suggested a melted cheese meal:


Then I came upon today’s Sally Forth

and thought of Noel Sickles taking over Scorchy Smith.

Like Sickles and Terry, Jim Keefe is too good to fake original creator Greg Howard’s art.


Dick Tracy starts a new Minit Mystery today, written and drawn by Charlie Wise.
Maybe after this we’ll get the teased Brenda Starr story.


Didja notice that earlier this year Tom Gammill brought back his The Doozies comic strip?

It been way too long since we had a comic that regularly ends with a flop out of the strip.
Speaking of old-fashioned – GoComics is rerunning Peter Maresca’s Origins of Sunday Comics.


Yes, Jim Scancarelli did an Easter Gasoline Alley today,
but I’m going to end by resurrecting an oldie (h/t: John Wells)