Monday Funday (100% Coronavirus-Free Comics)

Let’s start by listening in on an always enjoyable Agnes and Trout exchange.


Ben(z) breaks the fourth wall.


Will Henry welcomes Spring with a nice panel.
Also liked how Will used his space Sunday.


What the heck, let’s stay on Sunday for a while.
One of my favorite webcomics celebrates a birthday.


It’s Quiz Time. Name the Movies!


While we’re on Sunday, Michael Cavna’s Hobbes (and Calvin) tribute:

Today there was another tribute(?), but not sure what comic strip.

Okay, it’s a 2017 rerun. But it got us back to today, where Tak uses up all his ink:


Let’s have fun with conspiracy theories.

One thought on “Monday Funday (100% Coronavirus-Free Comics)

  1. Preeeeetty sure Zoe is a parody of “Phoebe and Her Unicorn,” by Dana Simpson, also on GoComics.

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