Free Charles Schulz Book – Yesterday Only

Not an April Fool’s Day prank!

Today April 1, 2020 only Nat Gertler/About Comics is offering free PDF downloads of three books.

Our interest is concentrated on They Called Him Sparky.

“They Called Him Sparky” is a book collecting friends from his Church of God days writing about Schulz and their memories of him. This book was first published by Chinaberry Press in 2006, and a few years back I cut a deal with author (well, in this case compiler) David Liverett to keep it available. David has since passed away, alas, but I’m sure he’d want this to be read. It had a lot of illustrations – many of the cartoons that Schulz did for the Church of God, as well as some drawings he did for various people, and some photos. It’s an interesting book for those who are into the Schulz history, and as I said, a no-strings-attached free PDF download, today only.

Details at Nat’s the AAUGH Blog

I got mine!