Flash Gordon Original Art Almost Half Million $$

The combined price for the original art making up the first Flash Gordon/Jungle Jim page
of January 7, 1934 sold for over a half million dollars today at Profiles in History.

The original art of the first Flash Gordon strip by Alex Raymond sold for $480,000, a record for original comic strip art. The original art of the first Jungle Jim strip, also drawn by Alex Raymond, went at auction for $90,000, for a combined $570,000. Not reported if the same buyer bought both pieces.

From The Hollywood Reporter story of the sale:

Prior to Tuesday’s auction, there were questions as to how high the piece would sell for. The auction was held as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread, with businesses remaining shuttered, unemployment skyrocketing and the stock market quite volatile. The sale price fell in its expected range, but those estimates were generated several months ago. Still, the acquisition clearly shows a continued demand for A-class items for those who can afford it.