Cartoonists Contributing to Comics Kingdom Blog

Not to minimize the efforts of Edgar, who has been doing an excellent job of regularly updating the Comics Kingdom Blog, but it is exciting (to me) that beginning last week King Features Syndicate cartoonists have joined Edgar in posting to the blog.

Brian Walker, Alex Hallatt, Wayno, Rino Piccolo, Jim Keefe, Bill Bettwy, John Rose,
with more coming. And Edgar still remains!

As Brian Walker notes:

After a major overhaul to the Comics Kingdom web site, as well as both and, our blogs are up and running again!

So after about a year the various creator blogs have returned, and are seemingly to be collected at one site – The Comics Kingdom Blog. Cartoonists’ news and updates. original art, classic art, behind the scenes information, etc. It looks to be entertaining. Check it out.

One thought on “Cartoonists Contributing to Comics Kingdom Blog

  1. That’s excellent.

    If they could just fix the zoom not recognising non-mobile browsers (particularly an issue on Sundays), restore the cartoonist’s name to the favourite’s page, return the seven days at a time view, and make it possible to go back to an earlier strip from the favourites page they will almost be back to the functionality their site had a year ago.

    What a disaster their redesign has been,

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