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On the occasion of an upcoming book

Bado’s Blog reviews the Duncan Macpherson biograpy.


In northern New Zealand…

The Times this week began featuring cartoons from Aucklander Isabelle Russell.


In anticipation of his forthcoming book…

Tom Gauld is interviewed by Creative Review.
Short book review from Publishers Weekly here.


In 2006 a blogger called Charles Lavoie wrote that every New Yorker cartoon could be captioned ‘Christ, what an asshole!’ — a concise take on Jean-Paul Sartre’s view that ‘Hell is other people’. It was, he believed, the perfect all-purpose caption.

Perversely, Nick Newman searches for a universal cartoon image.


There was a book missed in our February listing…

You Might Still Be From Nova Scotia If…


Charges of racism leveled at Australian cartoon.

The racist Daily Telegraph cartoon is an apparent reference to an article the newspaper published yesterday. In it, The Daily Telegraph reported that an asylum seeker who had been the subject of a medical transfer allegedly “groped” two nurses’ bottoms, then threatened to assault them.

The cartoon has been judged to be “in the public interest.”