AAEC + ACC Ottawa Convention Postponed – Update: Convention Now Cancelled

From the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists:

3/27/20 UPDATE: The 2020 AAEC+ACC cartoonist convention has been officially cancelled.

Wes Tyrell, President of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists, said, “We just heard today from the Canadian Feds, who were hosting a big chunk of the convention, that they must postpone until an undetermined date. We are effectively off with clearly no ability to reschedule.”

“Ottawa is closed for business as is every other city in Canada. I hope these measures continue to work as we seem to be benefitting from them.”

The joint convention was planned for four days mid-May in in Ottawa, Ontario, with an international slate of political cartoonists scheduled to speak.




original March 18, 2020 post:

  Ottawa, Ontario / May 14-17, 2020

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists and the Association of Canadian Cartoonists‘ joint convention, scheduled for May 14-17, 2020 in Ottawa, has been postponed:

Big surprise, but the 2020 AAEC+ACC gathering in Ottawa, Ontario is postponed until further notice.

The joint convention was planned for mid-May, but after watching international flights cancelled and hotels shut down for an unknown period of time, host Wes Tyrell put planning on hiatus on Monday. The next day the border between the two countries was closed to “non-essential” travel.

The two cartoonist associations will wait and see how the coronavirus crisis plays out over the next two weeks before making a final call on the annual event. More details to follow …


3 thoughts on “AAEC + ACC Ottawa Convention Postponed – Update: Convention Now Cancelled

  1. I don’t think there will be a convention this year. It takes time to put them together and everyone will still be recovering financially. They’ll probably just wait until 2021.

    Personally, I’m not going to schedule other things around when a convention might happen. I think it’s best to put it off for a year.

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