The Adventurous Sunday Funnies

Six weeks ago Little Oop, the Sunday Alley Oop, began a time travel story. Three weeks later (a week earlier than in our timestream) the strip jumped ahead, and the snarkers had a fit.

Me? I’m not married to continuity, so have been enjoying Little Oop in general and this bit in particular. (And the snarkers have adjusted.)


I think it is rather adventurous for writer/artist Terry Beatty
to take the Rex Morgan strip in this direction on occasion.


Today marks the end of 18 years of Sunday Tarzan comic strip reruns. Now we wait and see if the 18 year loop begins again, or if there is a surprise in store next Sunday.


A quick post highlighting a recent update to the King Features’ comics kingdom website in regards to how you read the Sunday Phantom strip on a mobile device.

Seems Comics Kingdom has improved the reading of Sunday comics on your mobile device.


Heart (of the City) has been transported into a best selling adventure.


Classic Sunday Adventure

Since it’s Sunday, let’s get Biblical.


Hi Yo Silver! We’re away with the first two Lone Ranger Sunday comic strip adventures
(in black and white, unlike the above image).




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