Snoopy Deletes Controversial Franklin Tweet

Snoopy (Peanuts Workdwide LLC) tweeted out a message to Franklin this morning
and then quickly deleted it as some found it offensive (racist).

The tweet was deleted so quickly that Truth or Fiction took it up, explaining the trouble:

The phrase “You’re one of the good ones” is a backhanded compliment often proffered in racist or misogynist situations. RationalWiki describes it as particularly prominent in the history of racial relations…


After the Peanuts account deleted the tweet it offered an explanation:

That explanation got hundreds of responses, both pro and con.

The Oregonian carried the story, opening with “No, Charlie Brown is not a racist. Good grief!”


One thought on “Snoopy Deletes Controversial Franklin Tweet

  1. I hope the Peanuts reruns (currently in 1973) do not skip any strips with Franklin in the months to come!

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