Cartooning Workshops by Professionals

Drawing is something all little ones do. Occasionally they don’t give it up.
If you are a cartoonist and want to learn how to become professional, there’s an opp for that.
The opportunity is to learn from professionals.


Craig Boldman has a course coming up in March for the still young.

Students will learn about character development, story telling, and cartoon drawing. They will begin with simple drawing techniques using pen & ink and optional color, then create their own finished comic by the end of the class.

If you are near Ohio in March check out Craig’s classes at the Middleton Arts Center.


Want to spend Summer in cooler climes?
The Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont has Summer Workshops.

The workshops range from creating single panel gag cartoons to graphic novels.
Plan your vacation around a summer camp of improving your cartooning skills.


In Illinois gag cartoonist Mark Anderson will be teaching the ways to become a success.

A weekend in which Mark will teach everything from writing and drawing great gags to the nuts and bolts of selling cartoons. Mark, guaranteeing personal attention, is only accepting ten students.
Better sign up fast.


I recently saw a cartoon tribute to the late Kirk Douglas I would not have recognized but was labeled. So even pro cartoonists may need to be tutored in caricature. And who better than famed caricaturist Tom Richmond?

Longtime caricaturist, humorous illustrator, and longtime principal member of MAD Magazine’s “Usual Gang of Idiots”, Tom Richmond teaches his approach, process, and trade secrets of the art of caricature in an intense, two day caricature workshop in locations all over the world. Limited to a small group of students, you’ll get plenty of personal, one-on-one critique and instruction from Tom throughout the course of the workshop as well as full class exercises, lectures and tons and tons of drawing.

Tom’s Workshops are popular. The only workshops left for this year are Vienna, Dublin, and Indianapolis. Here are the details.


And what can you expect when you become a cartoonist?
Nate Fakes describes A Day in the Life of a Cartoonist.