Quintessential Sunday Comic Strip Samples


It seemed to me that there were a few comic strips this weekend
that perfectly encapsulated what the creations are about.

Jef Mallet’s Frazz, for example.

Pure Frazz.


Or Sunday’s Scary Gary by Mark Buford.

If you’re wanting to let someone know about the comic strip,
you gotta include the above.


Susan Camillari Konar‘s February 2nd turn at Popeye’s Cartoon Club

perfectly expresses what this comic is about, and why.


And this IS Tim Rickard’s Brewster Rockit: Space Guy.


I’m not sure if Will Henry‘s effort is quintessential Wallace the Brave,
or just quintessential Spud.

But the layout and art is part of the essence.


Finally, Karen Moy and June Brigman started me down this road
as their Mary Worth is wrapping up a story line this weekend.

So very Mary!