A Winter Wonderland of Famous Funnies

Crime SuspenStories

“Jolting (or Joking) Tales of Tension” – I’ve been enjoying Dan Thompson‘s detective noir parody.
This particular Crime Story, ripped from the files of Rip Haywire, began three weeks ago.


Young Romance

However Don Wimmer strikes me as three weeks early with today’s Rose is Rose.
Although it is never a bad time for True Love Stories.


Wings Comics – Ace of the Sky

Wallace is no captain of Flight, and Spud fails as a Bob Lubbers cover girl,
but I got a laugh out of Will Henry’s Wallace the Brave.


Viking Heroes

Speaking of art (didn’t I mention I like Will Henry’s drawing style?),
I was awestruck by the way Chris Browne laid out and drew Hagar the Horrible today.


Strange Sports Stories

Bill Hinds and Tank McNamara have opened up nominations for 2019 Sports Jerk of the Year.


Self-Indulgent Comics

The Daily Cartoonist gets a shout-out from a Portly Syndicate Person!
(On our “About” page you will see J. Francis listed as a Contributing Editor.)


Ha Ha Comics

Biggest Laugh of the Day came courtesy Brian Crane and Pickles.


Funny Pages
Surprisingly my biggest laugh yesterday didn’t come from the Sunday Funnies,
but from the editorial pages by way of Jack Ohman.