Rachel Lindsay Returns to Seven Days

Cartoonist Rachel Lindsay has returned to Vermont’s alternative weekly Seven Days with a new strip.

Last summer, with the July 31, 2019 issue, Rachel signed off on her weekly comic strip Rachel Lives Here Now saying goodbye to her readers and fans.

(For the record Rachel Lives Here Now began January 13, 2016.)

Two weeks later Iona Fox ended her almanac strip (August 14, 2019 issue).

At that time Seven Days didn’t replace either strip with something else. dropping their 2½ pages of comics down to 1¾ (or so) pages. Now (January 8, 2020) Seven Days has returned to 2½ pages of comics with the return of Rachel Lindsay and the addition of Ryan Riddle at the start of this year.

Rachel’s new comic strip is the eponymous Rachel Lindsay.

by Rachel Lindsay
January 8, 2020 –
Seven Days


Area cartoonist Ryan Riddle’s Futon Life joined the paper’s funny pages in that January 8 issue, though it was already an ongoing concern before its Seven Days debut.

Seven Days welcomes the Prodigal Daughter and the Native Son in this article.

Seven Days offers a digital archive of it past.


Seven Days’ new comics pages now consist of:
Mr. Brunelle Explains It All by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.
Deep Dark Fears by Fran Krause
This Modern World by Tom Tomorrow
Ope by Phil Gerigscott
Futon Life by Ryan Riddle
Red Meat by Max Cannon
Jen Sorensen by Jen Sorensen
Bliss by Harry Bliss (and, occasionally, Steve Martin)
Rachel Lindsay by Rachel Lindsay

Earlier in Seven Days’ page count is their editorial cartoonist Tim Newcombe.