Name Popeye’s Favorite Food


On Canada’s Family Feud, a contestant botched the final question—costing her family $10,000—because the fast food chain was clearly the first thing to come to mind when she heard the word “Popeye’s.”

The goof went viral and reached the fast food chicken’s upper management.

Fernando Machado, global CMO of Popeyes and sister brand Burger King, said the brand was flooded with links to the clip as it went viral Friday.

“We started getting emails and tweets about the Feud in the morning,” Machado said. “Our reaction was surprise, delight and laughter.

Which rewarded Eve with their version of $10,000.

AdWeek carries the story.

3 thoughts on “Name Popeye’s Favorite Food

  1. Since there’s no way I could eat that much fried chicken, I’d gratefully accept the “check” and then contact the local homeless shelter and food bank.

  2. Ed: Several companies allow cash equivalents, once the cameras stop rolling. This might be the case here.

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