Je Suis Charlie – Cinq Ans Après

The current issue of Charlie Hebdo is a special about The New Censors. (Google translation)


AlterNet looks at French humor on the fifth anniversary of the horrible terror attack:

Before 2015, about 40,000 people read Charlie Hebdo each week. Given that many hundreds of thousands declared “je suis Charlie”, most were clearly not regular readers. “Je suis Charlie” primarily appears to have been a statement of sympathy rather than an endorsement of the brand of humour of this subversive publication. The phrase also symbolised a desire to defend freedom of expression, although not necessarily an agreement with the ways in which Charlie Hebdo has expressed itself.


DW Akademie checks on the worldwide effects in Charlie Hebdo and the Demise of Caricature.

Five years after the Islamist attack on the Parisian satire magazine “Charlie Hebdo,” experts say caricatures in the press are an endangered species — and not only in France.


Spiked editorializes against those who said Charlie Hebdo went too far.

It’s the fifth anniversary of the Islamist massacre of the satirists.

Today is the fifth anniversary of the massacre at Charlie Hebdo. Five years since one of the darkest days in the modern history of the French Republic, when 10 journalists and cartoonists, as well as a maintenance worker and a police officer, were massacred by two Islamist gunmen for the ‘crime’ of blaspheming against Muhammad. Five years since people were executed for making jokes, for mocking a deity, for upholding the hard-won liberty to ridicule all faiths, ideologies, dogmas, gods, prophets and fads.

And here’s the scary thing: in those five years, too many in the West have failed to learn the lesson of that horrific day. Instead of defending freedom of speech as the core liberty of European society, too many so-called liberals are actually propagating the foul ideology of the killers themselves, albeit in a peaceful way, by demonising and even punishing people who criticise Islam or any other belief system that the PC set deems to be beyond criticism.



Cartooning For Peace Remembers

The Daily Beast cartoon gallery from five years ago.