Little Oop, and other Sunday Funnies

Commenters on the Little Oop site seem upset about the school being buildings rather than caves,

though the school has been depicted that way from the beginning of the Little Oop comic series.

Also – sometime (recently?) GoComics has extended the Alley Oop archive well into the past. It now includes, among other old strips, the first four months of Alley and Ooola’s first Time Travel adventure. Of course people are not happy that the entire year-long story is not available to them; although it is.

above: Alley Oop April 7, 1939


Elsewhere this Sunday….

Cartoonist Mark Tatulli‘s Heart of the City is sweet and tender,
while Mark’s other comic strip is a cold pail of water to the face.

Which reminds me that this past January 1st was 40 years and 25 years
since the beginning and end of Gary Larson’s The Far Side.


And that’s putting the Sunday COLOR comics page to good use.


Yeah, Mark Schultz, Thomas Yeates, and Scott Roberts also know how to use a Sunday page to full advantage. And, at least for this page, King Features has gone back to the full tab version!
But where’s the Prince Valiant logo?


Seems the celebratory 90th anniversary Popeye’s Cartoon Club continues this year. Yay!


Winslow (or Stantis) is not being particularly prescient considering the times we live.


Whether it’s a monster on a hill or the sea monster here, I like me my cartoon monsters!