Origins: The Hilary Price-Rina Piccolo Partnership

At The Richmond (KY) Register:

Beginning in the Tuesday, Jan. 7, edition of The Register, a new daily comic debuts. Rhymes With Orange is set to replace The Pajama Diaries, which will no longer be syndicated.

In anticipation the newspaper got Hilary B. Price and Rina Piccolo to participate in the paper’s Five For Friday question and answer column. Among the Q&A’s:

4 How did you two come to work together?

RINA: Hilary had known about my single panel cartoon stuff for years, and often she’d tell me how much she liked my work. One day several years ago, she asked me to be a guest cartoonist on Rhymes With Orange. (This was something she did every now and then –invite a cartoonist to do a week of cartoons for the strip. It did well to promote the guest cartoonist, the strip itself, and it gave a little break to Hilary.) Anyway, I filled a couple of these guest spots over the years, and even collaborated on some cartoon ideas with Hilary before we were officially a team. So when it came time for Hilary to make big changes to her career, she sent me a message, and we followed up with a phone chat. They say that good things don’t happen overnight, and this is one of them. It took time and lots of decision making. Many phone calls later (we live in different countries — Hilary’s in the US, and I’m in Canada) I decided it was time to quit my own daily comic strip (“Tina’s Groove”) to work full time with Hilary on Rhymes With Orange. I’m happy to say, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Other origin questions that are answered:

1 How did you both get involved with comics?
2 How did Rhymes with Orange get started?

Read the short interview with Hilary and Rina here.

If you are unfortunate to have a newspaper that doesn’t carry Rhymes With Orange,
as The Register readers had been, read it at the Comics Kingdom site.

For more entertainment from the funny females go to the Rhymes With Orange website,
where I grabbed the comics included here (but there is much more).



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