“Ella” by Nathan Archer – new comic strip

Tallahassee Democrat political cartoonist Nathan Archer has created a comic strip for the paper.

by Nathan Archer
January 3, 2020 –
weekly strip
Tallahassee Democrat


Sez Nathan:

The name is no coincidence. My feathered female protagonist is indeed named after Tallahassee’s own Midtown attraction, a favorite of mine since I moved here almost 20 years ago. Ella is bright, plucky, and when not getting her beauty rest, always at the center of attention. Ella and I also share a love of tacos.

Nathan continues:

What else can you expect from Ella? Snappy one-liners, sight gags, comic timing — with more panels, I’m looking forward to playing with a bigger box of toys.

Another favorite aspect of comics are their long-form nature. You really get to know these characters, three panels at a time. I’m excited to see where this cast goes, and I hope you’ll come along for the ride.

If you can’t follow Ella in The Democrat, there is also a Facebook page.