Alt Weekly Gives Up on Cartoons


Jen Sorensen passes on some sad news:

Though she doesn’t identify the paper I believe it was one of the Southland Publishing weeklies,
which last year was purchased by the Arizona-based Times Media Group.

“The Southland publications have always been special in their connection with the communities they serve,” [Steve Strickbine, president of Times Media Group] added. “We can’t wait to further solidify that connection and do even more to demonstrate our commitment to our readers, our advertisers and our neighbors.”

Southland Publishing, founded in 1997, has five offices located in Downtown Los Angeles, Ventura County, Santa Monica, Pasadena and San Diego.

The TMG purchase includes all five newsweeklies: the LA Downtown News, the Pasadena WeeklyThe Argonaut, the VC Reporter and the San Diego City Beat.


With this year bringing a flood of 20/20 vision remarks, newspapers remain myopic.
Jen Sorensen is one of many affected by shortsighted publishers.

Rickey Scott and Mike Peterson’s PSA is a reminder that we
may lose our favorite cartoonists unless we actively support them.


2 thoughts on “Alt Weekly Gives Up on Cartoons

  1. I lost two papers who were both bought out by the same new publishing company. They cut their comics in half, eliminating the cartoonists not represented by a syndicate. I really need a syndicate it appears! Down to two paying papers and one who may be dropped by ME soon, lolol……

    The landscape is changing. I am not working on my Patreon page where I will offer a full archive to paid supporters of my dream and my art. I am hoping this will help get me out of the red once and for all. This cartooning thing is expensive!!! Maybe I am doing something wrong, or maybe I these investments will soon pay off.

    I am curious if any other cartoonists have looked into Patreon. If so, contact me and let me know your experience on the crowd funding platform.

    – Davy Jones creator of Charmy’s Army

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