Roundup of Best Cartoons of 2019 Roundups

It’s the most wonderful time of the year –
when political cartoonists pick their favorite cartoons from the past year.

Earlier Mike Peterson linked to Ann Telnaes and Tom Toles selections from The Washington Post.

But the WaPo also did another roundup:

Every Saturday in print, The Post publishes a sampling of editorial cartoons from around the country.
Here are our favorites from 2019.



The Detroit Press presents Mike Thompson‘s favorites from 2019.


Politico presents almost two dozen by Matt Wuerker.


Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press has one for every week of the year.
(via the Napa Valley Register)


Nearly a score of cartoons from Bruce MacKinnon and the Chronicle Herald.


If you signed up for Counterpoint you’d be getting the best of 2019 from
Ted Rall, Lisa Benson, Darrin Bell, and Chip Bok; with more forthcoming.


Over at they’re going for The Best of The Decade:

RJ Matson


Jeff Koterba


Mike Keefe


Taylor Jones


Dave Granlund


Randy Enos


Bob Englehart


Sean Delonas


Bill Day


John Darkow


John Cole


Patrick Chappatte


Nate Beeler


Pat Bagley


Daryl Cagle
and that only gets half way through the alphabet.