Geoff Coates New Editorial Cartoonist for V.I.A.

Vancouver Is Awesome, a part of the vast Glacier Media empire,
has hired Geoff Coates as their weekly editorial cartoonist for the website.

From V.I.A.’s introduction by editor Bob Kronbauer:

I’m extremely proud to introduce you to our new (and first ever!) editorial cartoonist, the amazingly talented and witty Geoff Coates!

If you recognize his name that’s either because you’re really into video games and the people who make them or you saw his humorous cartoon about Vancouver’s “wet cold” that recently went viral.

He got into reading political cartoons “back when they carried a lot of weight”, idolizing artists like Len Norris, Aislin, and Duncan Macpherson.

“They were my heroes, and I spent a lot of time drawing Pierre Trudeau and Rene Levesque. You know, as kids do.”