40 Foot Comic Scroll Explains Lead in Pipes

Dozens of New Jersey towns have found too much lead in their drinking water. More than 1.5 million are affected. Cancer-linked chemicals have also been discovered around the state.

This year, Newark found itself consumed by a lead water crisis — one that a new NJ Advance Media investigation finds may have been preventable.

The water problems are complex and involve fancy terms like “corrosion control” and “pH.”

To break down the hundreds of systems that treat New Jersey’s water, we drew it as a comic to help you answer the question:

NJ Advance Media (The Star Ledger, others) and NJ.com has created a 40 foot* comic scroll to explain why there is poison in the water pipes of New Jersey (and probably a lot of other places).

* Your mileage may vary according to the device used to read the comic.


A prime example of graphic journalism and education – it informs the reader why and how the situation came about, and what it is going to take ($$$$) to fix the widespread problem.


Bylines are given at the bottom of the report (with sources following):

Read the investigative report at NJ.com.