Cartoonist Dennis Draughon – Exposure v. Coin

In [E&P’s] featured “E&P Reports” interview this week, Dennis Draughon talks to E&P contributing writer Rob Tornoe about what it means to be a political cartoonist … for Capitol Broadcasting/WRAL. Draughon, incidentally, is the 2019 EPPY Award winner for Best Editorial/Political Cartoon with under 1 million unique monthly visitors.

Dennis Draughon discusses being downsized out of being a salaried newspaper cartoonist to a part-time freelance media cartoonist, while being a full-time teacher. He acknowledges that he reins in some of his more controversial ideas, but is grateful to be able to display his work (for pay) on the Capitol Broadcasting’s site.

E&P’s Rob Tornoe interviews Dennis Draughon on the challenges of more exposure but “less coin.”