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‘The Far Side’ Launches Official Site

The New York Times interviews Gary Larson to coincide with the launch of the first website to legitimately post his comics.

From the piece:

Did any cartoons provoke controversy?

Man, controversy never seemed too far away from me, especially during my first year of syndication. I truly thought my career may have ended a number of times.

I remember one I did of a couple dogs that were playing this game, where they were smacking around a cat hanging from a long rope attached to a pole. I called it “Tethercat.” To me, and I assume my editor, it didn’t cross any line because this was just a game dogs might play. But that one got people stirred up. Especially cat people.

Doing something controversial was never my intention. This was just my sense of humor, and the kind of humor in my family. I never drew anything my mom wouldn’t have laughed at. Of course, my mom was insane. I’m kidding! Well, maybe a little.

Community Comments

#1 Darryl Heine
@ 1:41 pm

Where is the new Far Side Official site?

#2 Mark Jackson
@ 2:07 pm

#3 Bill Harris
@ 2:07 pm


It’s hard to remember:

#4 Kip Williams
@ 4:26 pm

You haven’t answered his question.

[To Darryl, pointing] It’s over -there-.

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