Stuart J. Knickerbocker – RIP

Animator/gag cartoonist Stuart J. Knickerbocker has passed away.

Stuart James (Stu) Knickerbocker
March 10, 1925 – December 14, 2019

animator, artist, gag cartoonist

From the obituary:

Stu was a substitute teacher in Detroit before he began his career in commercial art at the Jam Handy Organization in Detroit. He spent most of his career at Portafilms in Drayton Plains, where he animated commercial and educational films, and television commercials, including an ad for National Coney Island in Detroit. After retirement in the late 1980s, he did freelance animation for the Bill Sandy Corp. in Troy.
Stu began painting in his youth, continuing to create various styles of abstracts the rest of his life.


From Stu’s Facebook page:

I’ve been rehashing a comic stripe I created in 1993 titled Frontier Daze and of course like every thing I’ve ever done it didn’t sell and the strange thing about that is in my opinion damn good. I’m thinking of putting it in book form. Here is some samples.


Stuart’s art page.