Mark Evanier on Tariffs and Pogo Volume Six

We reported on the tariffs a few months ago.

Now the effects are hitting home as the most important American literature is being affected.

Co-editor Mark Evanier explains the delay in deliverance:

Volume 6 of The Complete Syndicated Pogo — subtitled Clean as a Weasel — was originally going to be printed in China and the materials got to the printer over there in plenty of time. At some point, it became necessary to pull the book from that printer and it was moved to a printer in Korea — the one that handled earlier volumes in the series. They’ve printed it but when you print over there, most copies get over here via the cheapest/slowest freight. A few retailers have copies and a few more will have them in the next week or two but everyone won’t have them until around the second week in January. You have no idea how sorry (and frustrated) we are about this.

Pogo: The Complete Syndicated Comic Strips Vol. 6: “Clean as a Weasel”