And a Prince of a Fella Besides (Michael Ramirez)

When an editor gets a message from a reader about an editorial cartoon,
he knows it is not going to be from a happy camper.
But every once in a blue moon that editor is surprised:

Political cartoonist Michael Ramirez is simply a genius. I have been amazed and entertained for years by Mr. Ramirez’s phenomenal ability to size up a situation with one drawing and a bare minimum of words.

[Michael’s] Dec. 4 Review-Journal cartoon depicting Rep. Jerry Nadler as a princess in “Ditzy’s Frozen” is so funny, hip and poignant that it’s scary.

Bill Walker’s Letter to the Editor is one of good tidings for the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

We who call Las Vegas home are blessed to have a man of Mr. Ramirez’s talent on staff of our city’s premier newspaper. To the RJ and our community, he is truly a gift at Christmas and throughout the year.

2 thoughts on “And a Prince of a Fella Besides (Michael Ramirez)

  1. Well I say phooey to Michael Ramirez. Yes, he’s very capable and talented, and his cartoons are very nice looking. But his very right-wing views make my blood boil, and I worry that his attractive-looking work will attract people who will start to believe what he is expressing,
    In other words, people who I don’t agree with shouldn’t draw cartoons! Can this rule be enshrined somewhere?

  2. I think the right-wingers already enshrine that rule.
    I like Ramirez’s stuff, even though I disagree with just about all of it. At least he does a good job.

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