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NPR Covers Gannett/Gatehouse Cost Cutting

NPR covers the cost-cutting that looms on the horizon from the Gannett/Gatehouse merger. From the piece:

MIKE REED (CEO of the new Gannett): When you backtrack over a number of years, we have been labeled as an aggressive cost-cutter. And we have reduced costs pretty rapidly over the years. The thing I would point out that – it’s easy to be negative. It’s easy to be a hater. I don’t know if all the criticism has actually been fair.

Community Comments

#1 Brad Walke
@ 10:55 am

When you can’t attack them on the substance, blame the attitude.

#2 Gary Gannett
@ 11:15 am

We’re proposing a very fair 95% cut. I don’t know why people have issues with this. It’s a business, not a public service.

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