2010-2019 The Decade in Cartoons – Updated

For the entire month of December, USA TODAY cartoonist Mike Thompson, along with cartoonists from the USA TODAY Network and the Cagle cartoon syndicate, will provide retrospectives of their favorite work from the past decade.

According to USA TODAY:

The cartoonists were asked to gather  their 20 favorite cartoons from the past decade into individual collections, and we’ll be publishing one of those collections every day this month as we head in 2020.

We lead off with the work of Mike Thompson,
editorial cartoonist for USA TODAY and the USA TODAY Network.

The Decade in Cartoons: The Best of Mike Thompson


Two nits to pick: the decade is 2011-2020 and
I don’t see a dedicated link to The Decade in Cartoons collection.
They are piling the new galleries onto that same page with the story,
new gallery at the top of the page and scroll past the intro for previous galleries.


Daryl Cagle has tells how the Cartoons of the Decade feature came about and how he herded almost 30 cartoonists to follow through on the idea (I imagine cracking the whip once or twice).

I pitched the idea to Gannett of running collections of favorite cartoons of the decade every day in December, the last month of the decade, with a selection by a different cartoonist each day. We, along with USA Today, selected the CagleCartoonists we would invite to participate and we asked them each to choose their twenty-two favorite cartoons from the past ten years –that’s twenty-two so that USA Today can edit out two of the cartoons and still have twenty left for the collection. I submitted twenty-nine batches of twenty-two cartoons, selected by each of twenty-nine of our CagleCartoonists.  USA Today plans on showcasing their own Gannett employee cartoonists, Thompson, Marlette, Murphy and Archer, through Thursday, with our CagleCartoonists finishing out the month, starting this Friday with Pat Bagley.

Daryl includes his own list of favorites.