‘Tis the Season for Calendars

This calendar year ends and another begins in less than a month, and calendars are selling!

The Dilbert Day-to-Day Desk Calendar (above) is the best-selling comic-related calendar on the Amazon site at this writing. It is #1 in the Humor & Comic Calendars department, #2 in the all-encompassing Calendars, Planners & Organizers department, and even #2 in the Comic Strips (Books) department (giving Scott Adams two titles in the Top 10 there) and #3 in the complete Comics and Graphic Novels department.

Here are other comics related calendars making the top 50 in Humor and Comics Calendars:

Peanuts makes the Top 50 twice with its Wall Calendar.


I really liked the gag covering the Close to Home calendar:


As most of the calendars shown here are published by Andrews McMeel,
I feel it incumbent to note that The Daily Cartoonist is a part of the AMP empire.

2 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season for Calendars

  1. Is there a 2020 Get Fuzzy calendar despite the fate of the future/ending of the strip now that it’s 100% rerun mode after 5 years of off and on Sunday first run/rerun mode when the dailies went reruns in 2013.

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