Sputnik News Not Happy with Mike Luckovich

Sputnik News, owned and funded by the Russian Government,
is registering displeasure over a recent Mike Luckovich cartoon.

Sputnik, using a lot of boldface, says:

An award-winning American political cartoonist has made a habit of deploying bigoted tropes as a political weapon against Russians. His latest doodle features a nefarious “Russians” figure arbitrarily thrown into a motley crew of ostensible string-pullers of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg…

[Luckovich] so makes use of a tiresome, Russophobic trope that is sadly becoming all too common in the US mainstream media…

If this cartoon used literally any other ethnic group – black people, Jews, Native Americans, Romani, Arabs, etc – Luckovich would have hat in hand begging not to be fired for such a racist caricature. But in this age of acceptable Russophobia, in which any Russian is ostensibly an agent of the Kremlin and underminer of American civilization itself, this kind of fear-mongering caricature is acceptable…

Sputnik News continues complaining about other Mike Luckovich cartoon
portrayals of “Moscow Mitch” and President Trump and Putin’s partnership.


Update: The issue is being discussed on Mike’s Facebook page.