Nancy and Poochie (and Olivia Jaimes)

Sez Jeff Karnicky:

Readers of Nancy will know that Olivia Jaimes does not use many Ernie Bushmiller legacy characters besides the obvious big three of Nancy, Sluggo, and Aunt Fritzi.  Peewee, a toddler who Nancy sometimes babysat, is now a small child who takes things way too literally…

But we haven’t seen any of Bushmiller’s adults such as Phil Fumble, Mr. Sputter and his wife, or Professor Floogle. Likewise the neighborhood kids Spike, Knuckles Noonan, Rollo the Rich kid, Nosy Rosie, Irma, Janie, and many others remain in the past. Nancy’s pet monkey, pig, sheep, and cat have not come back, and until recently her dog Poochie has only appeared once…

But, finally, during the last week of September, Poochie became the focus of five daily strips in a row. As if reminding herself, her readers, and the characters in the strip that Nancy has a pet dog, Jaimes starts the week with a visual joke about Poochie’s existence.

There’s more than meets the eye going on with this joke…

Jeff reviews The Week of Poochie.


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  1. A John Stanley (comic book) creation. Oona never appeared in Bushmiller’s Nancy; only time will tell with Olivia’s version.

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