Scott Adams on Donald Trump’s Tweets

Scott Adams, promoting his new Loserthink book, appeared on Fox and Friends
Tuesday morning (Nov. 5) and discussed President Trump’s use of Twitter,
a social media platform that Scott is also familiar with.

Fox News reports:

After a New York Times analysis explained how President Trump’s Twitter account reshaped the presidency, Scott Adams weighed in on Tuesday, saying that the commander-in-chief “created his own television channel” in order to connect to people.

“I think historians are going to say, ‘OK, that tweeting was a really good idea. It bonded the public to him without the middleman,” Adams, the creator of “Dilbert” comic and the author of “Loserthink,” told “Fox & Friends.”

“I think even the typos end up working in his favor because you know he wrote it. That makes it feel personal and you feel connected to your leader in a way we never have before,” Adams said.


Naturally fans and detractors took up the story.

From the far left is Mediaite:

Future historians may very well cite an archived version of this cable news segment as the tipping point that led to the fall of the American empire.

On Tuesday morning Fox & Friends, loyal defender of President Donald Trump, and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams was asked to opine on Trump’s use of social media because… he is an expert on social media?

From the far right is Newsmax:

President Donald Trump’s use of Twitter will go down in history as a brilliant way for him to communicate with the public, “Dilbert” comic strip creator Scott Adams told Fox & Friends on Tuesday.

All of them link to the three minute Adams’ spot,
where he does get to talk a bit about Loserthink.