Comics Kingdom Delivers Overdue Rex Morgan

For a week, since Thursday October 24, Comics Kingdom hadn’t updated Rex Morgan, M.D.
Rex fans opened up the page to the same strip every day for a week:

And it was only the Rex strip stuck in time, no other KFS strips. Terry Beatty even had to chime in to assure fans that he was alright and there was just a glitch in the system. Rex readers had to go to the Arizona Republic, or the Seattle Post-Intellgencer, or The Oregonian to get their daily Rex fix.

So today, in some kind of Trick And Treat, when Rex readers, and only Rex readers, went to the newspaper sites to read today’s Rex Morgan they were greeted with this:

No Rex Morgan comic strip. But the treat is that it is back up at Comics Kingdom today.

So the gremlins are still messing with the strip, just in a different manner.

Also during this past week the King Features Syndicate homepage went blank. The comic features icons/links disappeared, though the side promos remained. That page returned to normal today, disappointing me. Disappointed because I was hoping there would be a new comic when the page returned – there wasn’t.







4 thoughts on “Comics Kingdom Delivers Overdue Rex Morgan

  1. I don’t believe Comics Kingdom have approached feature parity with their old website since the relaunch in what, April?

    It’s been disturbing to watch them drive what used to be a reliable site off a cliff.

  2. They’re whole IT thing is messed up. They lost my credit card record, “expired” my subscription months early, and it took multiple interactions (including sending them a screenshot of the most recent credit card statement) before I was reinstated.

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