All-New Issue of MAD Coming in December

MAD is the magazine that just will not die.

Quentin Tarantino‘s studio and MAD have once again collaborated to create an all-new issue of MAD. This time as a bonus for a collectors’ edition of “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” as a blu-ray release in December 2019. Included, among other goodies, will be an “exclusive new MAD Magazine parody of the Rick Dalton TV series Bounty Law, which is renamed Lousy Law.”

As with the previous parody Andrew Secunda and Tom Richmond will do the honors(?).

Tom tells us:

This is a 5.25″ x 6.75″ mini MAD Magazine featuring a new cover…and a 24 page all new parody of the show…plus a couple of classic 60’s era MAD advertising parodies.

I read that to mean it is a 28-page digest-sized magazine.

Go to Tom’s MAD Blog to see some preview pages and more information.


For history’s sake, below is the Norman Mingo cover of the original MAD #98 (Oct. ’65).