Steve DuQuette – RIP


Cartoonist Steve DuQuette has passed away.

Steven Aldrich (Steve) DuQuette
May 13, 1927 – October 26, 2019


Saying Steve was a cartoonist seems a bit of understating. He was a gag/magazine cartoonist, a caricaturist, an editorial cartoonist, a spot illustrator, he did comic features, and on and on.

From Mike Lynch:

He was one of the kindest, most enthusiastic cartoonists I ever knew. He didn’t retire. He didn’t stop. He was an early adopter to the internet, learning how to promote his cartoon portrait business, as well as uploading his own gag cartoon and editorial cartoon work. We would see each other very month at these Berndt Toast Gang lunches, and would talk about tools, scanning, and running a business on the internet. 

That Mike Lynch link has more, plus a nice view of Steve’s handiwork.

Also on Mike’s site see some close-ups of that “CARTOONS” lettering.


From Steve about his origins and move into cartooning:

I knew I was going to be a cartoonist by my continuous drawing pictures of Popeye, Krazt Kat and Smoky Stover. After that I started drawing my own brand of superheroes when Superman and his ilk hit the comic book scene…

…Was planning on joining the Mr. Magoo family but was inticed to go to NYC and hit the major mags (Sat Eve Post and the like)…

That site also has a list of what Steve enjoys – Hitchcock movies, George Booth.
Among hobbies was creating his “Boidtawkin” images.


Cagletoons has a small archive of Steve’s editorial cartoons from 11 years ago.


The Menschkins

The Quinn & Finn Show