Double Sundae

Last Sunday’s Providence Journal:

We published week-old comics in today’s Sunday Journal. That’s not the level of service you expect from us, or that we aim to give you.
We’ll add yesterday’s comics to next Sunday’s paper, in addition to next Sunday’s comics. In the meantime, please accept our apologies.
Alan Rosenberg, executive editor

I’m figgerin’ if The Providence Journal and Pogo can double up on Sundays, why not me?
Granted I’m not in The Journal’s league and am far from being close to Walt Kelly’s class.


Here’s a couple notes on last week’s October 20th strips.

Last Sunday’s La Cucaracha as originally presented on GoComics:

They quickly set things right.


Another strip with strange, to me, coloring last week.

The colors, instead of shadows, going across the people?

While Funky may have been an homage to Frank King,
Mutts was certainly a tribute to George Herriman:


But back to the colors.

The Macanudo cartoonist drew a Halloween/Autumn cover for The New Yorker this year.

A short interview with Liniers that includes his cover roughs for the cover.

Which brings us to today’s Sundays and today’s Macanudo, which I liked.


Thought I was going to see a John Stanley created character today in Nancy.

A little detour here as we go to the Boing Boing review of the new Olivia Jaimes’ Nancy book. A hint as to whether they like it or not is the title of the review: The First Book Collecting the New Nancy Comic is Incredibly, Fantastically, Impossibly Great.


Dick Tracy digresses for a special appearance.


Over in Prince Valiant, the decision was to draw an army in chain mail.


By the way, if you want to follow Rex Morgan, M.D.
you’ll have to go to a newspaper to read it.
(Just like the old days.)

The Comics Kingdom home site hasn’t updated the strip since Thursday.


Okay, I’ll admit it – today’s Speed Bump made me laugh a little.


Also enjoyed Rubes today.


Against the odds – we gotta do what we can:




3 thoughts on “Double Sundae

  1. The armor shown in the Prince Valiant panels is not chain mail, which is made of interlocking metal links, but leaf mail – more properly called scale armor – which consists of small metal panels (the leaves, or scales) fastened in an overlapping pattern to an undergarment of leather or padded linen. Use of scale armor predated chain mail by about a thousand years, dating back to around 1400 BCE.

  2. Addendum to my previous comment – on examining ALL the panels of the strip, I see that Prince Valiant seems to be wearing chain mail. However, in the two panels shown above, it is, indeed, scale armor.

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