Documents Illustrated – The Mueller Report

Ashlie D. Stevens:

In March, Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted the “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election” to Attorney General William Barr. There had been a tremendous amount of speculation about its contents and what it would reveal about President Donald Trump and his relationship with the Russian government. The 448-page document, which became known as the Mueller Report, was released to the public about a month later.

But in the nearly six months since, it’s unclear how many people (including, as Politico reported in July, key politicians) have actually read it. And I get it — it’s a complex document, that alternates between dry and impenetrable.

So cartoonist Shannon Wheeler, with some assistance, is making it into a graphic novel.

Interviewer Ashlie D. Stevens, at Salon, continues:

I spoke with Wheeler about the novel, its creation, and how he is dealing with the onslaught of Trump-related news throughout the book’s finalization.

Check out the interview and an exclusive sneak preview.



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