Everyone’s A Critic Editor Critques the Industry

Bob Eckstein, cartoon editor of a new book, sits down with cartoonist Michael Maslin.

Fittingly, when Michael Maslin sat down and interviewed Bob Eckstein
it began with criticism of the current gag cartooning market.

There are more cartoonists and cartoons than ever, and quite frankly too many to support in shrinking real estate for the work, in part to do with the departure of Harvard Business Review, MAD magazine, Barron’s and many others. And right now I’m not going to concede that the internet is infinite space and exposure because that’s just fragmented eyeballs. Part of a successful cartoon (or article or illustration) is it has to be seen, right? And that’s certainly Problem #1 in our field. So creating the book was creating a new, admittedly tiny, space.

Bob and Michael talk cartoonists and cartooning.

above: the cartooning master Sam Gross