– – Auction ends Monday October 14, 2019 – –

A message from Signe Wilkinson:

When he retired from the Philadelphia Inquirer after 41 brilliant years, I inherited the great Tony Auth‘s drawing board (with a built-in light table). The Inquirer is consolidating space and Tony Auth’s drawing board, which I have been using these past several years hoping for inspiration, has to go. I’m mainly working from home. Now, space is tight so the drawing board needs a happy home.

The money raised will go to Cartoonists Rights International ( which “Defends the creative freedom and human rights of cartoonists under threat around the world.” It’s a tiny group with big impact.

Eliza Auth agreed.

Signe continues:

The solid wood table is in great shape. It measures 48″ wide, 36″ deep, 35.5″ tall (the board can be tilted to your desired angle) and features a 12″ wide, fold-out side shelf.
You can pick it up from the Inquirer’s offices at 8th and Market Streets, Philadelphia.

Leave your GENEROUS bid below or, if you don’t want others to see how fabulously generous you are, message me BEFORE MONDAY, October 14th. I’ll post the top bid daily.

Bid, or message Signe, at her Facebook page.

Thanks for considering… Signe


October 15 message from Signe:

Tony Auth’s drawing table found a good home here in Philadelphia with a high bid of $1200 that will go to the Cartoonists Rights Network International. Thanks to all who bid and all who sent contributions to CRNI.