Kevin Necessary Resigns as Staff Cartoonist

Kevin Necessary has resigned his staff position as WCPO-TV Cincinnati cartoonist.

Kevin sez:

Ok, no more vaguebook posts (and apologies in advance for the novel): Today was my last day at WCPO. I wasn’t fired or railroaded out. I left on my own terms, in good standing, and I’m honored to have spent so many great years with my friends and colleagues at Channel 9.

A few years ago I illustrated a little children’s book, My Best Friend Fiona (written by the amazing Lucy May). That might have been the longest 35 days of my life, but ever since I’ve been craving doing more children’s books. I’m not sure how to get there, but I know it’s going to take years of hard work. And I know it’s going to [take] patience, being in the right headspace and having the freedom to chart my own course.

So Kevin has decided to go freelance; which includes continuing to draw editorial cartoons.

For those wondering, I’m still doing editorial cartoons. It’s part of who I am, and in these dangerous times, I feel obligated to keep doing my part, small as it may be, speaking truth to power.


Kevin started working freelance for WCPO-TV,  which led to a full-time staff position as cartoonist in 2016. Earlier this year Kevin was part of a team that won an Ohio Valley Emmy.


At the time of that 2016 introduction WCPO noted that:

Kevin is now one of fewer than 50 full-time editorial cartoonists in the U.S. media. He’s the only full-time editorial cartoonist in Cincinnati. He’s a Cincinnati native who cares deeply about this community.

That number has dropped since then; and now there is one less. (Thanks, Kevin.)

Just kidding, we wish all success for Kevin.

Keep up with Kevin’s career at his Facebook page.