The Cap Times Discontinues Editorial Cartoons

The (Madison, Wisconsin) Cap Times has informed its readers:

We’ve received a number of questions from you over the past week, so we wanted to let you know that after much thought, we have decided to discontinue the weekly puzzles and editorial cartoons that had been features in the weekly print edition [emphasis added].

It’s nothing against these features — we know many of you enjoy them — but the costs of the print edition are high and we made a strategic decision to trim those costs [emphasis added] so that we can focus resources on keeping our staff strong (which it is) as well as promising endeavors like Cap Times Idea Fest and our new membership program.

From their online Cartoons of the Week feature it seems they supported local cartoonists Mike Konopacki, Ken Stark, Stuart Carlson, and Joe Heller. The last Cartoons of the Week entry I see at their website is dated September 22, 2019. Though they do carry a Jimmy Margulies cartoon dated September 27, 2019.

Continuing into this week (and into the foreseeable future?) is the Mike Konopacki illustration/cartoon that regularly accompanies the column by editor emeritus Dave Zweifel. There is an archive of Mike’s Cap Times work.

While not a major newspaper, The Cap Times is another outlet closed to cartoonists.
And I really like how they regularly ran Wisconsin area cartoonists.


According to Wikipedia The Capital Times has been published in Madison, Wisconsin since 1917. Eleven years ago it dropped from a daily newspaper to a free weekly; available at distribution points around the city and distributed as an insert in the Wednesday Wisconsin State Journal.

Later this month Cap Times readers will see another change:



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