Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows!!!

Some strips that struck a cord this week.

It seems both writer Francesco Marciuliano and artist Jim Keefe
are having fun with their long October night in Sally Forth.
Some scenes:


JumpStart on comic strip fans – fantastic or fanatic?



The Ghost Who Walks daily:


Will Henry plays with his signature:

But what have you guys done to the Atlantic to turn it brown??!


Funky Winkerbean goes around the bend this month.

From the urban dictionary: DRT = Dead Right There


Not a cat fan but, Breaking Cat News, I like everything about this one.


Andy Capp, Peanuts, and Nancy. That what I see topping the Bizarro comics page.

Patting myself on the back update:
Wayno’s Blog shows I “ain’t so very far from wrong.”


Crabgrass is not a syndicated comic strip, but it oughta be.


I think I’m going to make this my new exclamation of choice.

courtesy Patrick McDonnell and Mutts


2 thoughts on “Hot Chocolate With Marshmallows!!!

  1. You might strike a cord if you’re playing a piano or hammered dulcimer, but if you’re using a metaphor, it’s “strike a chord”.

  2. The problem is I’m not musically inclined, but I had just finished restocking the house with fuel from the woodpile; so…

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