Gahan Wilson September Update

As you probably know Gahan Wilson and his family are battling Alzheimer’s.

Gahan ended this Summer in a bad way.

September 24, 2019 by Paul Winters (stepson):

Send your love!
Gahan has had a rough five days. He went in to the hospital last Friday. Surgery was performed and he was released today. He is surrounded by those who love him and we would appreciate any prayers or whatever you use to send support to someone. Send him some good energy.
The hospital staff found out he was, Gahan Wilson, and they had him drawing cartoons. They were really sweet.
September 25, 2019 by Paul Winters:

We have a crisis.

Gahan had surgery over the weekend and he was discharged from the hospital yesterday. It turns out that the hospital and the memory care facility didn’t have the best communication going, because today we were told that the memory care unit could not care for Gahan because of the severity of the surgery. The hospital won’t take him back and he can’t go to a rehabilitation facility.

September 26, 2019 by Paul Winters:

What a day. Talked with nurses, doctors, case managers, case workers, and my all time favorite of the day, an unnamed bank manager in Long Island who refused to send Gahan’s bank statements (which the state has requested as part of his application for financial aid) to us even after I emailed him a notarized power of attorney.

Now to Gahan. Turns out he had to go back to the hospital. We are on our way there.

Autumn has seen an improvement.

You can keep up with Paul’s updates here, where, if you can spare a few dollars,
maybe see your way to helping care for this iconic cartoonist.


Hat tip to Mike Lynch/Dick Buchanan and John Glenn Taylor for Gahan cartoons.