The Right and Left Join Forces to Condemn That Scott Adams and Jake Tapper Have Joined Forces

In a prime example of “no good deed goes unpunished,” fans of both cartoonist Scott Adams
and newsman Jake Tapper have accused the men of near treasonous behavior.

Scott and Jake have united to produce a week of daily comic strips for a worthy cause.
But some, by no means all, view the joint mission with collaborating-with-the-enemy type hysteria.

An example from Jake’s Twitter missive noting his guest week:


And among the comments on the Dilbert comic strip page:


Philly’s own Jake Tapper served as a guest illustrator this week for comic strip Dilbert, and he and creator Scott Adams will be auctioning off the series’ original drawings to benefit Homes for our Troops, a charity that builds houses for injured veterans.

The auction will take place Nov. 7-17 on eBay.

Despite the guest partnership’s charitable element, some fans — of both Dilbert and Tapper — weren’t happy.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, quoted above, has taken notice.


The liberal Mediaite took notice of one Twitter thread in particular,
a verbal attack on Adams and Scott’s now deleted rejoinder:

Scott Adams, a pro-Trump commentator and the cartoonist who created the Dilbert comic strip, threatened to send his lawyers after a journalist for mockingly comparing him to Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan — but with an “incel” twist.

Business Insider editor and Gawker alum John Cook made the remark while commenting on CNN host Jake Tapper’s guest drawing in the September 23 edition of Dilbert.

Adams responded by apparently threatening legal action in a now-deleted tweet…