Laurie Mitchell – RIP


Artist, author, cartoonist Laurie Mitchell has passed away.

Laurie L. Mitchell (aka Lori Jackman)
ca. 1957/58 – September 14, 2019


From the obituary:

On her return [from Europe] she worked as assistant manager at the Towne West B. Dalton Bookseller for 10 years before retiring to pursue her art. She sculpted in papier mache, did fabric decoration, painting, and cartooning. Her “Listen Doll” greeting card line is nationally distributed. A humorist, she wrote the funny, but friendly dating guide “So… Is He Gay. The Single Woman’s Guide to Whether He’d Make a Better Groom or Caterer at Your Wedding” which was published by Longstreet Press in Atlanta.

above: a couple of Laurie’s “Listen Doll” cards

As a Facebook post from a month before the end attests, she kept her sense of humor:

New drugs mean new tests – in this case two that left me completely radioactive. Now while I didn’t expect dramatic side-effects like spidey sense or even to be able to find the bathroom without a night light, I was hoping for a little cape, and maybe a useful if modest superpower, like knowing who I’m going to see at Dillons before I go in, or the ability to actually judge a book by its cover. And while science-nerd Steve never bought the hyper-growth fears of the Atomic 50s, he did make me sleep next to his under-producing tomato plants.
Thank you all beyond measure for your thoughts, prayers (yes, they count in situations like this!), and acts of kindness and caring over this long year and (hopefully) beyond. Thank you