Another Mental Monday: Pearls, Peanuts, Potpourri

Mike has mentioned the ever-shifting English language as displayed in today’s Pearls.
So I’ll just point to the June 16, 1958 Peanuts comic strip as the inspiration:

That is really the middle of a ten day arc. Start on June 9, 1958 and read through.
Milking it for all it’s worth; today’s Agnes is going to get somebody’s goat.


Mike also made note of Judge Parker, which itself made note of the changing seasons.


Ces also made the dawn of Autumn the subject of his Medium Large strip today.
Whereas Patrick McDonnell educated his readership with his Fall Mutts strip.



Elsewhere in the Marciuliano Universe, as Jim Keefe puts it, “The Terror Begins.”


While Stephan Pastis was paying tribute to an old Peanuts comic strip,
some Portly Person was paying tribute to an old cover of Fantastic Four.


On a more somber note, Wiley paid tribute to Lee Salem in today’s Non Sequitur: